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General purchase knowledge of plush toys

1, a clear age, for the baby, the first consideration of the practicality and safety of plush toys.

2, look at the quality of cloth

Plush toys of the fabric should be clean, followed by quality. Cloth has a high low grade division, length plush, velvet, pull tic plush cloth etc., it is decided to the price of a toy is a significant factor, some sellers shoddy, deceive consumers.

3, plush toys filler

Good filling cotton are all PP cotton pillow core, abalone as the supermarket in the same material, feel very uniform. The event is filled with black cotton, feel bad, harm the baby's health.

4, accessories are stable

Accessories is not stable or too small, easy to play in the baby at the wrong entrance, dangerous. In addition, it is also to look at the same color or the same position with the raw material to be consistent, otherwise there will be a different color in the sun, the hair to the contrary, the impact of beautiful.

5, observe the appearance is beautiful

In addition to the pattern is beautiful, but also to see whether the symmetry of the toy or the left and right body position, whether the hand backlog is soft and fluffy, the various parts of the suture is firm, whether there are scratches toy accessories, incomplete.

6, to see whether there is a trademark, brand, safety signs, manufacturers address, etc., binding is firm.

7, check the internal and external packaging, signs are consistent, moisture performance is good, the inner packaging for plastic bags, open the size of more than a certain range must be open with air holes to prevent the child from the head of the occurrence of suffocation.

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